West Michigan Salutes Health Heroes is an annual event of the Alliance for Health. The Alliance for Health, a nonprofit West Michigan organization, is a broad based community coalition encouraging optimal health for all through high quality health care services at the lowest cost.  We bring together those who give health care, those who get health care and those who pay for health care to identify and work together on health-related community priorities.  We are committed to advancing a high-quality, patient-centered, cost-effective health care system.

The West Michigan Salutes Health Heroes Awards honor local citizens in West Michigan who have gone above and beyond the norm to promote health and help those in need to create positive, healthy change within their community.

Awards will be presented on April 27th at an evening event that will recognize and honor each  hero. Health Heroes can be nominated for an award in one of following categories:

  • Organizational hero – an organization that has made a significant contribution to health/health care in 2010.
  • Rising hero – an up and coming professional, already starting to leave an imprint on the health/health care profession.
  • Regional hero – an individual/organization making a significant contribution to the West Michigan region.
  • Innovation hero – an individual/organization providing innovative solutions to today’s health/health care problems.
  • Every day hero – a consumer who has overcome daunting health challenge to give back in inspiring ways.
  • Unsung hero – an individual whose daily service and actions impacts those within health care


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